Isn't Byron lovely right now?

Kids are biking and scooting safely. Folks are out on rollerblades. Joggers, drivers, walkers and parents with strollers - everyone has room to enjoy Byron Avenue safely. This is such an improvement over 50+ km/h traffic using Byron as an alternative to Richmond Road, isn't it?

A #LivingByron is a better Byron.

The temporary closure has shown that everyone's needs can be met. Drivers can still park on Byron and easily access local properties. Drivers passing through our neighbourhood can easily do that using Richmond Road. Everyone else also gets to use Byron comfortably. It's possible to have it all.

So what can we do?

Please sign the petition to send an email to local councillors and the Mayor, asking to keep Byron Avenue properly traffic calmed - open to local traffic only.

We don't have a specific solution in mind: there are many ways to configure Byron to allow for the goal, which is giving everyone safe, comfortable access so they can use Byron for vital outdoor time - and for driving. Right now we're looking for supporters, you, to also tell the City of Ottawa that you share the same goal: a Living Byron that everyone can enjoy.

About Us

We live on Byron with our two kids and are enjoying watching people from our neighbourhood make such good use of Byron Avenue for exercise and relaxing quality time.

We would love your help making Byron more liveable in the long term, and hope you'll join us in contacting the city!

Sarah & Kevin

The Petition

On a mobile phone? Click here to open the petition directly in Google Forms. (It will look better there).


What is the goal?

Right now we're just looking for people to support a goal: a version of Byron Avenue that's free from cut-through traffic - let's send that to Richmond Road where it has always belonged. How to do that is for later.

What's the exact plan?

We aren't proposing "one plan". Alternating one-ways might work. Or maybe the city would block Byron at a few intersections (so cutting through is impossible, but local residents aren't affected much).

Will I be able to drive on Byron?

Yes! We want to still allow driving on Byron (we live on it after all!). Local residents will still be able to drive on Byron to access their house, or to get to/from Richmond Road from one of the streets that connect to Byron.

What about parking on Byron Avenue?

We don't want to change anything that impacts parking. Whatever parking there is now, we want to keep. Got guests? No problem!

I love this idea. How can I help?

There are so many ways!

  • Sign the petition!
  • Ask your friends, family and neighbours to do the same!
  • Spread the word using the #LivingByron hashtag!

I have another question. How can I reach you?

We love questions! Please email us at LivingByronAve@gmail.com